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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 26 (1942)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 907

Last Page: 907

Title: The Pennsylvania-Permian Contact in New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Author(s): M. L. Thompson, C. E. Needham

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Pennsylvania-Permian contact in New Mexico has generally been recorded as being between the Previous HitmarineNext Hit Pennsylvanian "Magdalena formation" and the non-Previous HitmarineNext Hit Permian Abo formation. Evidence is presented in this discussion to show that two unconformities of large magnitudes, with intervening Previous HitmarineNext Hit deposits, are present between the Pennsylvanian "Magdalena formation" and the Permian Abo formation in many areas of New Mexico. One of these unconformities is at the base of the Abo formation and the other occurs lower in the section. Furthermore, evidence is presented to show that the lower of these two unconformities marks a contact between fusulinid-bearing Previous HitmarineNext Hit Pennsylvanian and fusulinid-bearing Previous HitmarineNext Hit Permian sediments. In extreme northern New Mexico, the Pennsylvanian- ermian contact seems to be between Previous HitmarineNext Hit Des Moines Pennsylvanian sediments and non-Previous HitmarineTop Permian redbeds.

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