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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 28 (1944)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 953

Last Page: 976

Title: Tumey Sandstone (Tertiary), Fresno County, California

Author(s): John Zimmerman, Jr. (2)


In the Ciervo Hills of western Fresno County, California, the Kreyenhagen formation in outcrop contains three members: the lower Kreyenhagen shale, the Tumey sandstone lentil, and the Tumey or upper Kreyenhagen shale. The Tumey sandstone crops out as a lens about 9 miles long and up to ½ mile wide in the shales of the Kreyenhagen formation. The major conclusions of this investigation are that the Tumey sandstone is conformable with both superjacent and subjacent members, that the sediments are of Sierran provenance coming from a land mass of high relief with abundant rainfall, and that the sands were deposited in warm-temperate, marine waters of the neritic zone of the current-swept Vallecitos channel during a part of Refugian (early Oligocene and late Eocene) time.

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