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Volume: 30 (1946)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 1123

Last Page: 1130

Title: History of Reserves and Production of Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids in Texas

Author(s): Perry Olcott (2)


The natural gas and natural gas liquids reserves have been divided into three categories because of current producing and regulatory practices. These categories are (1) non-associated gas (free), (2) associated gas (gas cap), and (3) dissolved gas. The total reserves of these three categories in Texas as of January 1, 1946, were about 75 trillion cubic feet, divided (1) 69 per cent, (2) 22 per cent, and (3) 9 per cent. The number and volume of natural gas discoveries have increased materially in recent years and the year-end reserve has increased steadily.

Natural gas liquids are defined as the liquids being recovered from the three categories of gas by current plant or field practices. The total natural gas liquids reserves in Texas were about 1.5 billion barrels with about 52 per cent in the non-associated gas, 21 per cent in the associated gas, and 27 per cent in the dissolved gas.

The gauged gas production in Texas in 1945 was about 2.9 trillion cubic feet or a daily average of 79 billion cubic feet. The natural gas liquids produced during 1945 in Texas were about 61.5 million barrels or a daily average of 168,000 barrels.

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