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Volume: 31 (1947)

Issue: 4. (April)

First Page: 778

Last Page: 778

Title: Conodonts as Paleozoic Guide Fossils--A Correction: ERRATUM

Author(s): Samuel P. Ellison, Jr. (1)


In the paper "Conodonts as Paleozoic Guide Fossils" in the January, 1946, Bulletin, Vol. 30, No. 1, p. 99, Barnes et al.(FOOTNOTE 2) were cited as having found a Simpson (middle Ordovician) conodont fauna well down in the Ellenburger group (lower Ordovician). This fauna was included as an example of a stratigraphic leak. Barnes et al.(FOOTNOTE 3) have pointed out that this was an erroneous citation. The Simpson conodont fauna, mixed with Devonian and Mississippian forms, was in a basal Mississippian detrital zone and should be properly classified as a stratigraphic admixture. Therefore, the Simpson fauna is all excellent example of a "Previous HitghostTop" or "phantom" fauna exactly as the term "phantom" was applied by Branson and Mehl.(FOOTNOTE 4) Appreciation is expressed to H. A. Ire and for calling the writer's attention to the error.

FOOTNOTE 2. V. E. Barnes, P. E. Cloud, Jr., and L. E. Warren, "The Devonian of Central Texas," Univ. Texas Bull. 4301 (1945), p. 176.

FOOTNOTE 3. V. E. Barnes, P. E. Cloud, Jr., and L. E. Warren, "Devonian Rocks of Central Texas," Bull. Geol. Soc. America, Vol. 58 (1947), p. 126.

FOOTNOTE 4. E. B. Branson and M. G. Mehl, "The Recognition and Interpretation of Mixed Conodont Faunas," Bull. Denison Univ., Vol. 35 (1940), pp. 208; 209.

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