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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 32 (1948)

Issue: 8. (August)

First Page: 1681

Last Page: 1681

Title: Highlights on 1947 Development in Foreign Petroleum Fields: ERRATUM

Author(s): L. G. Weeks (2)


Attention should be called to certain errors and omissions in data furnished me, which appeared in my paper on 1947 Developments in Foreign Fields, published in the June, 1948, issue of the Bulletin.


Page 1105:
We reported that the dry hole completed in 1937 by Sinclair Panama Oil Corporation on Colon Island (Panama) was a seismograph location. While a seismograph survey had been made of the island in 1937, credit for the location should be given entirely to surface geology.


Pages 1111-1115:
We neglected to report that a new-pool discovery was made in the State of Guarico (Venezuela) by the Las Mercedes Company (Texas-Caracas) with the completion of Palacio No. 4 for an initial potential of 660 bbls./day of 30.6° A.P.I. oil through a 3/8-inch choke. Also unreported, the same company made the following gas discoveries in the State of Guarico in 1947:

Grico No. 4    4,206 MCF
Punzon No. 1   4,640 MCF
Valle No. 1    4,260 MCF

Page 1113:
After noting the important Cretaceous discovery in Richmond (S.O. California) Zulia 26-1, about 120 kilometers southwest of Maracaibo, we omitted to mention a commercial discovery of heavy oil in Richmond well, Zulia 7-1. This discovery, said to be from the Eocene, is also on the west side of the lake about 45 kilometers southwest of Maracaibo.


Page 1117:
In the table, under Sinu Basin (Colombia), Tablon No. 1 wildcat well of Texas-Socony is reported to have had a large gas show and abandoned. This well was not abandoned but was actually completed for 13,000 MCF of gas.

Page 1117:
In the same table, San Andres well No. 1 is listed as having been drilled by Cities Service, Phillips, and Sinclair. The operators interested in the drilling of this well were Sinclair, Cities Service, and Richfield.

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