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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 34 (1950)

Issue: 11. (November)

First Page: 2249

Last Page: 2249

Title: A Tectonic Map of Canada: ABSTRACT

Author(s): D. R. Derry

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The paper accompanies a preliminary print of the Tectonic Map of Canada, produced by the Projects Committee of the Geological Association of Canada with the financial support of the Geological Society of America. The aims, sources of material, method of compilation and interpretation are described and discussed. Some of the larger structural features on a continental scale are described and the evidence for their existence and significance is presented. The largest structural features that stand out on the map are:

(1) The Foothills "front" extending from the U. S. boundary to west of the mouth of the Mackenzie.

(2) The Rocky Mountain Trench fault zone.

(3) The Grenville front or fault zone extending from Lake Huron to beyond Lake Mistassini and, after a break, on to the Labrador coast.

(4) A zone of thrust faults on the eastern margin of the Labrador "trough."

(5) The Champlain-St. Lawrence or Logan fault.

The evidence for the existence and character of these structures is briefly discussed.

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