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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 34 (1950)

Issue: 11. (November)

First Page: 2253

Last Page: 2253

Title: Stettler Field, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Author(s): R. P. Lockwood, O. A. Erdman

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Stettler field is located in the central plains of Alberta, Canada, approximately 100 miles northeast of Calgary. The field was found by detailed seismograph and structural core drilling. Production was found in two reefoid horizons of Upper Devonian age in May, 1949. As of July 20, 1950, there are 13 producing wells within the field, seven of which are producing from the D3 zone. The field has not been delineated to date, but is 4 miles north-south and 1 mile east-west. Lower Cretaceous gas and oil production has been found 5 miles west of the Devonian field and a second pool is located 3½ miles northeast. Only beds of Cretaceous, Mississippian, and Devonian age have been drilled within the field.

The Devonian producing zones are tentatively correlated with the D2 and D3 reefoid zones of the Leduc area. The average depth to the porous D2 pay zone is 5,178 feet, and to the D3 pay zone 5,350 feet. The gravity of the D2 oil is 30°-31° A.P.I. and of D3 is 27°-28° A.P.I.

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