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Volume: 37 (1953)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 1620

Last Page: 1647

Title: Petroleum Developments in Europe in 1952

Author(s): F. E. Von Estorff (2)


Petroleum production in western Europe advanced from approximately 17,000,000 barrels in 1951 to more than 20,500,000 barrels in 1952 an increase of 20.6 per cent. The rise in production was primarily due to the development of fields discovered in Germany prior to 1952. Percentage-wise the production of Italy, although very small, and of France showed substantial increases. Great Britain's production rate was raised by the continued operation of water injection.

Exploration activities in 1952 were carried on in western Europe at a slightly increased rate and resulted in the discovery in Germany of 7 new oil fields, one new pool, and 2 new gas fields, and in Italy of 2 new gas fields.

No reliable information is available from eastern Europe, which is therefore omitted from this review.

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