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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 38 (1954)

Issue: 6. (June)

First Page: 988

Last Page: 1010

Title: Developments in West Coast Area in 1953

Author(s): Graham B. Moody (2)


Two unsuccessful new-field wildcats; 6,111 feet drilled.

One new-field wildcat abandoned at 1,894 feet.

Eight new-field wildcats abandoned; 12,015 feet drilled.

Total exploratory drilling in 615 wells completed in 1953 was 2,817,148 feet. Comparable figures for 1952: 538 wells and 2,482,049 feet. Activity was up from 1952 by 14.3 per cent as to number of wells and 13.5 per cent as to footage drilled. Exploration gas 15.9 and 17.7 per cent successful as to number of wells and footage, respectively. Comparable figures for 1952: 15.1 and 17.0 per cent. Discovery record: 18 fields, 12 oil and 6 gas; 47 pools, 42 oil and 5 gas. Approximate production in 1953: crude oil, 365.1 million barrels, a new record; natural gas liquids, 30.8 million barrels; natural gas, 500.9 billion cubic feet (includes gas from dry-gas fields and residue gas from oil fields). Basement was reached in 60 unsuccessful exploratory holes. There were 76 active exploratory wells a the end of 1953. Two records set: world's deepest production discovered in Coles Levee North and world's greatest drilling depth reached in Paloma.

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