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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 40 (1956)

Issue: 4. (April)

First Page: 789

Last Page: 789

Title: Tectonics of Paradox Basin and Its Relation to Oil Occurrence: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Gregory K. Elias

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Paradox basin is defined as the areal extent of the Pennsylvanian evaporitic Paradox formation in the Four Corners area.

Two areas of uplift, the Fort Defiance and San Luis, influenced sedimentation throughout the entire Paleozoic. The Uncompahgre uplift developed during early Pennsylvanian time and remained active through the Permian.

Possible stratigraphic traps are postulated for the Devonian and Mississippian sediments in the proximity of the Fort Defiance and San Luis uplifts. Tectonism during the Pennsylvanian has given rise to potential reef production in beds bordering the evaporite basin. Stratigraphic porosity trends within the Paradox evaporite basin have yielded oil and gas. The major duty of the stratigrapher will be to determined the porosity belts. Sand pinch-outs may be expected in proximity to the uplifted areas in both Pennsylvanian and Permian sediments.

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