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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 41 (1957)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 263

Last Page: 277

Title: Subsurface Study of Morrow and Atoka Series in Part of Arkansas Valley of Western Arkansas

Author(s): William Wayne Ballard (2)


The Morrow series of the Arkansas Valley is primarily a sand and shale section in the southern and southeastern parts of the area, changing to a limestone and shale section on the foreland at the northwest. Wells drilled in the area have penetrated thicknesses of Morrow ranging from 250 feet to more than 1,200 feet. The sandstones of the Hale formation produce gas in several fields and have considerable promise for future production. These beds are also possible oil reservoirs.

The Atoka series consists of alternating beds of sandstone, shale, and siltstone. Regional bed-for-bed correlation of the various units is impossible at this time, due to lack of closely spaced wells. Sand zones in the Atoka are the major gas-producers in the area and have many possibilities for future production. The Cecil field study illustrates a possible regional exploratory approach, if correlation problems are ever solved.

Many of the structures in the Arkansas Valley are untested. The anticlines in the central and northern parts of the area are more favorable for oil and gas production, as they are less tightly folded than those of the southern part. The Cecil anticline is a complexly faulted structure with faulting and sedimentation apparently occurring concurrently.

Structural and stratigraphic conditions for the occurrence of radioactive minerals are favorable. However, none has been reported although there has been limited prospecting activity near the area.

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