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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 41 (1957)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 1502

Last Page: 1539

Title: Petroleum Developments in Europe in 1956

Author(s): Robert E. King (2)


Petroleum production in western Europe increased 10% in 1956 over 1955, to a daily average of 198,225 bbls. While a comparatively small proportion of world production, the importance of this n digenous oil to the local economies was demonstrated during the Suez crisis in the last 2 months of 1956. For the first time, production from Germany surpassed that of Austria, which showed a slight decline from the previous year. The first oil discovery was made in the Molasse basin of western Austria. In Germany the Elsfleth field northwest of Bremen was the first discovery in a newly found Jurassic trough; as production in northwest Germany occurs chiefly in such Jurassic troughs this new field may have considerable significance. In Sicily an important discovery of 7° A.P.I. oil was made at Gela. Three important and six minor gas discoveries were made in the Po valley. Development in the Adriatic coast Tertiary trough, which was encouraging in 1955, gave disappointing results in 1956. Production in the fields in the western Netherlands increased, and three new oil fields were discovered. Early in 1956 petroleum licenses were granted to eight companies covering the Tertiary basin of Turkish Thrace, and active geological and geophysical exploration began.

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