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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 42 (1958)

Issue: 1. (January)

First Page: 216

Last Page: 217

Title: Oil Creek Field, San Mateo County, California: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Previous HitHaroldTop L. Fothergill

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Oil Creek field is in the southeast corner of San Mateo County, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The discovery well was the Union-Richfield's Costa No. 1, completed in October, 1955, from the interval 2,055-2,206 feet, with production from the Butano sandstone of Eocene age. The initial production on the pump was 100 B/D, 10% cut, 43.2°, 45 MCF. As of September 1, 1957, the well had produced an approximate total of 25,775 barrels net oil and has a present daily rate of 30 barrels net oil.

The surface structure is anticlinal and was delineated in the field by close coordination of surface mapping and paleontological control. The subsurface structure is that of a faulted anticline or a bowing against a fault.

The stratigraphic section in the field consists of the San Lorenzo and Butano formations.

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Five wells have been drilled in the field with only the discovery well a commercial well. The second well encountered a major fault and stopped in the down-thrown side, the third and fourth wells were high and in the gas cap, and the fifth well was low and wet.

Exploration is difficult, not only because of the complex structural conditions, but surface exposures are limited by the thick growth of forests and underbrush. Many geologists believe that there is a commercial oil field in the vicinity.

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