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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 42 (1958)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 440

Last Page: 441

Title: Exploratory Drilling in 1956: ERRATUM

Author(s): Graham B. Moody


In the article "Exploratory Drilling in 1956" by Graham B. Moody, published in the Bulletin of June, 1957, a few changes should be made in revision of estimated total reserves for the discoveries made during 1953. The following paragraph should be substituted for the top paragraph on page 1002.

In revising the January 1, 1954, estimates of 1953 discoveries: One B, eight C's, forty-five D's, three hundred sixty-one E's and eight F's remained unchanged. Three B's were raised to C's, one C to A, one C to B, three C's to D's, and one C was lowered to E. Three D's were raised to B's, four D's to C's, fourteen D's were lowered to E's, and one D to F. One E was raised to B, eight E's became C's, forty-four E's were raised to D's, one hundred E's were lowered to F's, and one F became E. Five D's and eighteen E's previously classed as discoveries, were consolidated with other fields, hence no discovery. Seventy gas discoveries remained unchanged, one D gas was lowered to E, one E gas became D, twelve gas discoveries became E's, and one condensate discovery also became an E. One E gas became an E, one E oil and five E gas were changed to gas field discoveries. Three gas discoveries became F's, and one E gas became F. Three gas wells previously classified as discoveries were consolidated with other fields, hence no discovery.

On Figure 2, page 995, in District 7-C of the state of Texas, the total dry-hole footage for 340 dry holes (below line) should read 1,605,062 instead of 1,695,775. In SE New Mexico, Figure 2, the total producer footage for 73 wells should read 476,711 instead of 476,771.

Because of discrepancies noted in revisions of reserve estimates of 1953 discoveries, it is necessary to change the entire data in Table XI, for the 1953 year of discovery. For convenience, the full corrected table for the years 1950 and 1953 are here published.

End_Page 440------------------------------

On page 989, immediately below the abstract, it is erroneously stated that the paper was presented before the Association at Chicago, April 4, 1957. A summary of this report only, was presented before the Business Committee Meeting at St. Louis, April 1, 1957.


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