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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 44 (1960)

Issue: 1. (January)

First Page: 125

Last Page: 125

Title: Electronic Computers Aid in Exploration Decisions and Interpretations: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Edward J. Assiter

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Electronic Computers are at present being used to solve or aid in the solution of the two categories of problems which exist in exploration.

Where, when, and how much exploration is needed? Which exploration tools are desirable and in what proportion? These questions demand logical decisions based on voluminous data. Here the role of the computer is to summarize and generalize these data to permit more rigorous decisions by management. In many cases this decision may be compared with others to' determine optimum selection.

Computers as interpretational aids are more wisely employed than in the first category. The reason for this is the facility with which interpretational procedures may be expressed in mathematical form. Examples of procedures already being performed on computers are: electric-log analysis, log and core correlations, seismogram synthesis, seismic velocity determination, migration charts, accurate fault location, geological and geophysical maps plotted, cross sections, bore-hole deviation calculation, regression analysis for geological parameters, gravity and magnetic Interpretations, etc.

In addition to the mentioned categories many other company problems are solved which are of interest to exploration. Of these, property evaluation and inventory control of exploration tools are of importance insofar as they reduce exploration costs and therefore improve arguments for more exploration projects.

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