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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 44 (1960)

Issue: 1. (January)

First Page: 127

Last Page: 127

Title: History of Petroleum Development of Mississippian Oil and Gas: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Rick P. Clinton

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The purpose of the paper is to present a short summary of development programs in which the Mississippian was the primary objective and to give a few facts concerning how the reserves from the Mississippian were found. This treacherous part of the geological column presents a variety of difficult problems; some of these are pointed out in this paper.

The history of development of Kansas and Oklahoma is emphasized, but also mentioned is the development history of Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Illinois, and Canada. Maps include the fields producing from the Mississippian in Kansas and Oklahoma.

The recent play in Osage County shows how the land attitude can highly influence a play. Methods of prospecting are discussed and several prospective areas are pointed out. The final part of the paper includes recommendations for necessary changes in the economics of drilling wells where the Mississippian is an objective. The conversion of dry-hole money to bottom-hole money is highly recommended.

The foreign influence on our domestic picture, and general oil depreciation are discussed.

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