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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 44 (1960)

Issue: 1. (January)

First Page: 130

Last Page: 130

Title: Stratigraphic Oil Production in Wil Pool Area, Edwards County, Kansas: ABSTRACT

Author(s): H. W. Stevens

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Wil pool, located in southeastern Edwards County, Kansas, was discovered in October, 1958, and since has been extended to overlap into Stafford County. Production is from the formations at, or adjacent to, the post-Mississippian unconformity, namely, the Basal Pennsylvanian sands (Conglomerate or Cherokee?), Mississippian, and Kinderhook sand. Although a common source of supply is indicated, there are examples of a separation of reservoirs. Truncation of the various horizons plus impermeable seals are presumed to be the causes of accumulation. In most wells, fracturing is a necessity due to the low permeabilities of the formations and inactive water drives.

The pool has produced more than 158,000 barrels of oil to January, 1959, an average of more than 7,200 barrels per well in one year. Recoveries are not expected to be High, but the 40-acre spacing should make the pool profitable. The reservoir in the Wil pool has been extended to cover parts of 13 sections. Abrupt variations in permeabilities and (or) paleogeologic boundaries will possibly be the main factor in finding local areas unproductive. The total areal extent of the Wil pool has yet to be defined.

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