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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 44 (1960)

Issue: 6. (June)

First Page: 827

Last Page: 833

Title: Developments in Louisiana Gulf Coast in 1959

Author(s): Donald W. Love (2), Donald R. Duncan (3)


Statistically, the drilling activity in the Louisiana Gulf Coast during 1959 showed a substantial increase over the previous year. Drilling operations showed an increase of 13.8% over 1958. In all, 2,294 tests were drilled, 800 of which were exploratory tests (32.7% successful) and 1,494 of which were development wells (77.5% successful). New-field wildcats numbered 272 (12.5% successful) which resulted in the discovery of 34 new fields. Of the new fields, 13 were oil, 17 gas-condensate, and 4 gas discoveries. Onshore the most important new-field discoveries were the Buras field, Plaquemines Parish, Bayou Chevruil field, Lafourche Parish, and the Parcperdue field, Vermilion Parish. The most significant onshore additions to reserves were at Sunrise field, Terrebonne Parish and at Patterson field, St. Mary Parish. The most important offshore discovery was the Block 4 field, Eugene Island area. The extension at Block 176 field, Ship Shoal area by CATCO appears to be the most significant addition to offshore reserves.

There were 160 new pools and 74 extensions to known fields in 1959. Oil production increased 17.6% and gas production increased 16.5% over 1958.

Over-all geophysical activity decreased 15.1% from 1958. The seismograph and gravity-meter activity totaled 854 crew-months. There was no core-drill activity registered in the district during 1959.

The prolific Miocene-Pliocene trend in the southern parishes and adjacent offshore areas and the deep Oligocene trend of central southwest Louisiana continued to register the majority of the 1959 drilling activity. The average total depth of the successful new-field wildcats was 12,310 ft.

Leasing in the U.S.A.-State disputed area was resumed in 1959. Jointly, the State of Louisiana and the Federal Government advertised 84,163 acres and awarded 38,820 acres in the offshore Zone 2 in 1959. The average bonus cost was $2,268.30 per acre.

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