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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 44 (1960)

Issue: 6. (June)

First Page: 955

Last Page: 955

Title: Buck Peak Oil Field--Moffat County, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Kenneth F. Cummings

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Buck Peak oil field in northwestern Colorado is located on the southeast end of the Sand Wash Basin. The field currently produces oil from the fractured Niobrara shale of Cretaceous age.

Fractured shale production has been known in northwestern Colorado since 1902 when Rangely was discovered. Since rotary tools were first introduced into northwestern Colorado in 1924, no new fractured shale fields were discovered until Buck Peak. Since that time many new fields such as Sage Creek, North Sage Creek, and South Tow Creek have been discovered and Rangely has experienced a new boom.

With such recent wildcat success in the Niobrara it can be assumed that the Niobrara has been overlooked for some time. Considering cumulative production in excess of 9 million barrels from the Niobrara in northwestern Colorado coupled with the recent discoveries, more individuals and companies will become interested in the Niobrara possibilities.

The method of finding fractured shale production at Buck Peak might be of some help to other individuals and companies who wish to explore for this highly elusive production.

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