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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 44 (1960)

Issue: 6. (June)

First Page: 958

Last Page: 958

Title: Gravity Measurements East of Black Hills and along a Line from Rapid City to Sioux Falls, South Dakota: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Daniel Lum

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Gravity measurements were carried out in South Dakota during the summer of 1959 by the State Geological Survey, as part of a regional gravity study which is being supported by a National Science Foundation grant. A simple Bouguer gravity anomaly map was compiled from data of more than 500 stations in an area of approximately 2,600 square miles. A gravity traverse was established from the Black Hills eastward onto the Sioux uplift.

The configuration of the basement surface and the variations of intra-basement lithology, as suggested by the gravity measurements and some magnetic studies, are discussed. Interpretations of the gravity data are preliminary at this time.

Further gravity studies in South Dakota are planned.

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