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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 44 (1960)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1600

Last Page: 1601

Title: Turtle Bayou-Kent Bayou-North Turtle Bayou Complex: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Hershal C. Ferguson, Jr.

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Turtle Bayou-Kent Bayou-North Turtle Bayou Complex, located about 65 miles southwest of New Orleans in Terrebone Parish, Louisiana, consists of three separate fields producing from middle Miocene strata. The producing structures appear to be two domal-like features south of a regional, east-west-trending, down-to-the-south normal fault. As it enters the complex, the regional fault splinters into several separate faults, and on the north side of each of the

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"splinters" a producing upthrown block is present. The closures developed on the regional fault splinters appear to be related to domal growth older than that accounting for the other two producing structures at the south.

Sand development throughout the middle Miocene is best in upper parts of this interval, for deeper in the section some sands lose the blanket characteristic found in shallower zones and instead exhibit a channel-like geometry. The origin of deposition of any particular potential reservoir sand provides the limitations for the shape and extent of the bed and probably is a controlling factor in hydrocarbon accumulation.

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