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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 45 (1961)

Issue: 1. (January)

First Page: 128

Last Page: 129

Title: Bouguer Gravity Map of Alaska: ABSTRACT

Author(s): L. F. Ivanhoe

Article Type: Meeting abstract


This map is a compilation of all published gravity data. The 20 milligal contours were extrapolated between control points on the basis of the local geology, topography, and known gravity results in similar tectonic areas. Several regions with similar gravity character

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are apparent, including from north to south the following.

(1) Arctic coastal region
(2) Brooks Range isostatic minimum
(3) Central Alaska region of low gravity relief
(4) Southeastern Alaska region of large complex gravity anomalies due to local isostatic and geological adjustments
(5) Bristol Bay positive area
(6) Aleutian Islands maximum
(7) Aleutian Trench minimum

Proper recognition of the types of large gravity anomalies to be expected in each region will greatly improve the interpretations of gravity meter surveys run in local areas for petroleum exploration.

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