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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 45 (1961)

Issue: 1. (January)

First Page: 132

Last Page: 132

Title: Foraminiferal Variation in Sediment Layers of Santa Barbara Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Robert A. Harman

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Quantitative variations in foraminiferal assemblages characterize the three different sediment types found in cores from the Santa Barbara basin. Gray turbidity sediments contain low foraminiferal numbers and usually a high percentage of benthonic Foraminifera. Laminated sediments are typified by very few specimens of Bolivina argentea and by variable foraminiferal numbers. Homogeneous sediment layers also have highly variable foraminiferal numbers, but contain a diverse fauna and a large number of Bolivina argentea.

No arenaceous and very few porcellaneous foraminifera are present in the basin. The number of benthonic specimens present appears to be directly proportional to the number of planktonic specimens present.

The frequency at which Foraminifera are added to the sediment was determined by using rates of sediment deposition. Solution effects on Foraminifera were especially noted in the upper 100 cm. of the cores studied.

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