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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 45 (1961)

Issue: 1. (January)

First Page: 132

Last Page: 132

Title: Foraminifera from Pleistocene Gubik Formation of Northern Alaska: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Helen Tappan

Article Type: Meeting abstract


About 70 species of Foraminifera have been obtained from wells and seismic shotholes of Naval Petroleum Reserve 4. The majority of the species are now living off the coast of Alaska, and in the Arctic seas. Approximately one third of the species are Miliolidae, the remainder mostly Polymorphinidae, Nonionidae, and Elphidiidae, with a smaller number of Nodosariidae, Cassidulinidae, and a few rotaliform genera.

The complete absence of planktonic species, in contrast to Recent Pleistocene faunas of southern Alaska, is probably due to the local shallow water conditions during the Pleistocene.

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