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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 45 (1961)

Issue: 1. (January)

First Page: 133

Last Page: 133

Title: Mississippian Microspore Assemblage from White Pine County, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Dale Wiggins

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Core samples from the subsurface Chainman formation in the Standard-Continental Hayden Creek Unit No. 1, Sec. 17, T. 15 N., R. 59 E., White Pine County, Nevada, were examined for palynological data.

The abundant Mississippian microspore assemblage obtained from this interval included the important spore genera. Rotaspora, Grandispora, Densosporites, Callisporites, Tripartites, Schulzospora, Auroraspora, Convolutispora, Knoxisporites, and Reinschospora.

In comparison with the Pennsylvanian, Mississippian strata have remained virtually unexplored for palynological criteria. However, in recent years investigations have been considerably expanded with the increased interest in palynology as a tool for correlation.

Mississippian microspore literature is rare world-wide and generally confined to sediments of Chesterian age. In the United States published data are practically non-existent, being limited to three papers, two of which have not been satisfactorily correlated with type Mississippian sections.

A comparison made of the assemblage obtained from the Chainman formation with other published and unpublished data indicates that it is probably lower Chesterian in age.

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