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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 46 (1962)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 283

Last Page: 283

Title: Machine Digitizing and Previous HitProcessingNext Hit of Geological Previous HitDataNext Hit Obtained from Well Logs: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Fred J. Wagner

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Integration of electronic machines for the efficient recording, computing, and plotting of exploration Previous HitdataNext Hit has reduced the time, cost, and number of errors inherent in the manipulation of Previous HitdataNext Hit.

The Previous HitdataNext Hit Previous HitprocessingNext Hit system discussed encompasses all the phases of Previous HitdataNext Hit recording, computing, and plotting. However, Previous HitdataNext Hit recording still limits the machine approach because most manual methods are too slow and prone to error.

Jersey Production Research Company has developed and put into operation a digitizer, which is a desk-sized instrument designed to transfer Previous HitbasicNext Hit stratigraphic Previous HitdataNext Hit and their respective depths from well log overlays to punch cards. This unit has been incorporated into the machine system for Previous HitprocessingNext Hit geological Previous HitdataNext Hit. The use of the digitizer reduces by one-half the time necessary for Previous HitdataNext Hit tabulation, and increases the accuracy and efficiency of machine Previous HitprocessingNext Hit. The digitizer allows for the preservation of vertical positions (depths) for a maximum of 40 variables on one overlay. These variables, including lithologic features, oil shows, and (or) fluid contents, porosity ranges, and formation tops, are computed and plotted prior to the preparation of stratigraphic maps.

A specially designed computer program provides the necessary link between the digitizer and the IBM 650; it processes the Previous HitdataNext Hit and computes thicknesses, subsea depths, ratios, and percentages in a form suitable for machine plotting of exploration maps. For subsequent studies involving correlation changes, the Previous HitbasicNext Hit geological Previous HitdataNext Hit, which are stored on cards, can be retrieved and reworked without retabulation.

The final step in the machine system is cross-sectioning, plotting, and contouring the computed Previous HitdataNext Hit for visual presentation.

Savings in time and cost can not be estimated accurately, but they are more than sufficient to make geological Previous HitdataNext Hit Previous HitprocessingNext Hit practical. The chief benefit of machine Previous HitprocessingNext Hit of exploration Previous HitdataNext Hit is that it provides the geologist with Previous HitdataTop quality and several courses of investigation previously considered infeasible.

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