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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 47 (1963)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 357

Last Page: 357

Title: Detailed Stratigraphic Control Through Dip Computations: ABSTRACT

Author(s): J. A. Gilreath, J. J. Maricelli

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Recent dip interpretation techniques utilize high-density computations to define depositional and structural features. The definition of stratigraphic patterns is accomplished in both shallow and deep horizons. The method is of increased importance in the deeper provinces, where seismographic techniques lack resolution.

Faults may be recognized and defined, both as to direction of dip and to strike. Characteristic dip patterns delineate channels, bars, and unconformities. Definition of complex channeling has provided the necessary control for more efficient development of some deep South Louisiana fields. Patterns of deltaic depositions, with definition of foreset beds, are also apparent from dip computation results.

Reef structures can be located and defined by interpretation of dips resulting from deposition on the irregular reef surface, from talus slopes, and from differentially compacted formations.

In several instances, the presence of shale diapirs has been confirmed.

Machine computations of Dipmeter surveys, with dips computed as frequently as one per foot of hole, are particularly suited to these problems.

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