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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 47 (1963)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 370

Last Page: 370

Title: Manned Spaceflight--A Challenge to Geologists and Geophysicists: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Eugene M. Shoemaker

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The advent of man in space opens new opportunities in the disciplines traditionally concerned with the surface and interior of the Earth. The synoptic view of the Earth's surface from an orbiting manned spacecraft affords a new avenue for investigation of regional geology. Considerable research and imagination are required to exploit it. The techniques developed may be expected to have important applications later in the exploration of Mars.

Men landing on the Moon will be able to apply the methods and instruments of geophysics and classical geology that are already well developed in the study of the Earth. Constraints of weight and time in spaceflight operations, however, require that considerable effort be spent in adapting these methods and instruments for optimum use in manned lunar missions. The ultimate results of this effort will include not only new knowledge about the Moon, but also new ideas, new techniques, and light-weight sophisticated instruments that can be applied in the study of the Earth.

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