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Volume: 47 (1963)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 1217

Last Page: 1236

Title: Petroleum Developments in Mexico in 1962

Author(s): Federico Mina U. (2)


An over-all description of the oil industry in Mexico is given since its beginning at the turn of the century, until 1962.

The Panuco-Ebano fields discovered in 1901, produced a total of 738 million bbls. to 1938, and reserves to 1941 were in the order of 102 million bbls. The Old Golden Lane reef district, discovered in 1907, produced 1,020 million bbls. of oil to 1938, and oil reserves to 1941 were calculated at 88 million bbls.

The northeastern Mexico district, discovered in 1931, had to 1938 a small gas and oil cumulative production, and reserves calculated in 1941 were in the order of less than 50 billion cu. ft. of gas.

The Poza Rica field, discovered in 1930, produced 56 million bbls. of oil to 1938. Reserves for the year of 1941 were calculated at 507 million bbls. of oil.

The Saline Basin, discovered in 1905, produced a total of 95 million bbls. of oil to 1938 and reserves for the year of 1941 were calculated at 67 million bbls. of oil.

A brief analysis is made of the exploration efforts made by Petroleos Mexicanos in its 25 years of operation. A total of 887 new-field wildcat wells have been drilled during this time, which resulted in the discovery of 160 oil and gas fields (18% successful); of these, 131 are considered to be commercial producers.

Petroleum developments in Mexico in 1962 were as follows: 639 wells were drilled as compared with 726 wells during 1961, for a total of 8,294 ft. per well. Of the total number of wells drilled, 133 were classified as exploratory holes, of which 77 were new-field wildcats resulting in the discovery of 18 new oil or gas fields. Of the total of 639 wells drilled, 478 were successful.

Exploration activities.--Twelve surface geological parties, 16 seismic crews, 5 gravity-meter parties 1 magnetometer party. Total: 34 exploratory crews.

Drilling activities.--Total wells drilled, 639, exploratory holes, 133, new-field wildcats, 77, new oil and (or) gas-field discoveries, 18 (8 of these may be non-commercial); total footage drilled during 1962, 5,300,318 average depth in new field wildcats, 7,679 ft.

Discovery methods.--Two new fields by surface geology; 2 new fields by surface geology and seismography; 4 new fields by subsurface geology and seismography, 10 new fields by seismography.

Production 1962.--121,563,207 bbls. of oil and 371,307,944 MCF gas.

Production 1961.--116,819,692 bbls. of oil and 360,505,700 MCF gas.

Reserves.--Proved reserves of oil and gas equivalent as of Jan. 1, 1962: 5,007 million bbls.

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