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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 48 (1964)

Issue: 4. (April)

First Page: 518

Last Page: 518

Title: Serandite from St. Hilaire, Quebec: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Jean Boissonnault, Guy Perrault

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Serandite from St. Hilaire, Quebec, has the following chemical composition: SiO2 47.90, Fe2O3 0.08, FeO 0.86, Al2O3 1.20, MnO 33.8, CaO 5.56, MgO 0.03, Na2O 6.40, K2O 0.00, H2O-1050C .20, H2O+1050C 2.42, Y2O3 .27. Total 98.73%.

X-ray diffraction data show that this mineral is a pectolite-type mineral. The name serandite was originally given by Lacroix to the manganiferous end member of the series Ca2NaH(SiO3)3 - Mn2NaH(SiO3)3. Serandite from Las Archipelago (Lacroix, 1931) contained 28.99% MnO and 10.42% CaO, whereas serandite from St. Hilaire, Quebec, is closer to the end member with 33.8% MnO and 5.56% CaO.

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