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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 48 (1964)

Issue: 11. (November)

First Page: 1882

Last Page: 1882

Title: Highlights of Exploration in Montana, April, 1963-July, 1964: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Irvin Kranzler

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Exploration activity in Montana produced significant results in five widely separated areas:

(1) Northwestern Montana (Sweetgrass Hills area)--Oil was discovered in the Cretaceous Sunburst Sandstone in the old Fred and George Creek--Arch Apex gas field area. Also significant was the possible linking of Jurassic Swift Sandstone oil production of Whitlash and Flat Coulee fields.

(2) Northeastern Montana (Williston basin)--Nine new oil discoveries were made in Mississippian Mission Canyon, Devonian Nisku and Duperow, Silurian Interlake, and Ordovician Red River formations.

(3) Central Montana (Big Snowy uplift)--Pennsylvanian Amsden oil was discovered on Pole Creek anticline. Extensions to Keg Coulee field provided new emphasis for Pennsylvanian Tyler Sandstone prospects.

(4) South-central Montana (Big Horn basin)--Pennsylvanian Tensleep oil was discovered below a known gas cap in Northwest Elk basin field.

(5) South-central Montana (Powder River basin)--The first discoveries of Tensleep oil in many years breathed new life into a long dormant part of the basin.

These events, along with recent renewed interest in previously ignored areas such as the intermontane basins of southwestern Montana, should ensure a high level of exploration activity throughout Montana in the months ahead.

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