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Volume: 48 (1964)

Issue: 11. (November)

First Page: 1882

Last Page: 1882

Title: Review of Exploration and Development in North and South Dakota; 1963 and First Half of 1964: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Dan E. Hansen, John N. Klemer

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Development and exploration in North Dakota during 1963 was down from 1962. Exploration activity increased during late 1963. The area which received the most attention was the north-central portion of the state where the pools are chiefly found in stratigraphic traps.

There were 183 wells completed in North Dakota during 1963 and of these, 73 were wildcats. There were 9 discoveries for a wildcat success of 12.3%. Field and outpost wells numbered 110 with 76 producers. Perhaps the most significant discovery of 1963 was the Ordovician Red River production found in the Fryburg-Scoria field of Billings County. The other wildcat discoveries were found in the north-central part of the state.

There were 12 wildcats drilled in western South Dakota during 1963 with no discoveries. A total of five new producers were drilled in the known fields of Custer and Harding Counties. The highlight of activity in the state during 1963 was a widespread lease play.

A considerable increase in exploration activity has taken place in North Dakota during the first six months of 1964. The leading county in number of discoveries is Renville where four wildcats have been found productive. The most significant discovery has been the Mouse River Park field.

Drilling in South Dakota during the early part of 1964 has been confined to the western part of the state with most of the activity centered in Custer and Harding Counties.

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