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Volume: 48 (1964)

Issue: 11. (November)

First Page: 1883

Last Page: 1883

Title: Review of Exploration Activity, Eastern Colorado and Western Nebraska in 1963: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Stuart C. Tapp

Article Type: Meeting abstract


During 1963, 426 wells were drilled in eastern Colorado versus 606 for 1962, registering a 30 per cent decline in drilling activity. The 234 exploratory wells resulted in 21 discoveries, yielding a success ratio of 9 per cent. Important developments in 1963 included continued exploration and development in Washington County, and a revitalized emphasis on Pennsylvanian production in southeastern Colorado. Oil production declined from 21,898,579 barrels in 1962 to 16,809,109 barrels in 1963, while gas production remained about constant--28,289 MMCF in 1962 and 29,020 MMCF in 1963.

During 1963, 537 wells were drilled in western Nebraska versus 645 for 1962, representing a 16.7 per cent decrease in drilling activity. The 288 exploratory tests resulted in 24 discoveries, for a success ratio of 8.05 per cent. Important developments in 1963 included a northwestern extension of the Sleepy Hollow field in Red Willow County, establishment of northernmost production in the Nebraska portion of the Denver basin at Scottsbluff County, and Lansing-Kansas City discoveries in Red Willow County between Ackman and the Silver Creek fields. Oil and gas production declined from 30,703,000 barrels and 24,200 MMCF in 1962 to 26,912,000 barrels and 15,470 MMCF in 1963.

There was a 27 per cent decrease in geophysical activity in eastern Colorado but the decline was stronger, 77 per cent in Nebraska.

Early statistics listing the drilling activity for the first half of 1964 indicate a reversal of the 1962, 1963 trend.

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