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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 49 (1965)

Issue: 1. (January)

First Page: 113

Last Page: 113

Title: Utilization of Geologic Data in Planning Seismic Program: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Burl A. Tuller

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The pertinent aspects of seismic program planning are developed within the framework of the following three-Previous HitphaseNext Hit outline.

I. Geologic Pre-Seismic Prospect Analysis.
II. Geophysical Pre-Seismic Prospect Analysis.
III. Management--Geological--Geophysical Pre-Seismic--Prospect Analysis.

Previous HitPhaseNext Hit I considers the available data which the geologist must assemble into a logical geological picture before a possible exploration prospect is feasible. The importance of these geologic data to proper seismic planning is stressed.

Previous HitPhaseNext Hit II discusses the basic problems which the geophysicist must consider in developing realistic estimates for proper utilization of the seismic tool. One should consider the type of seismic processing, expected resolution, type of equipment, and time and cost estimates.

Previous HitPhaseNext Hit III considers the interrelated functions of geology, geophysics, and management in the final Previous HitphaseTop of seismic program planning. For example, one must consider the probable benefit of the seismic tool with regard to its fulfillment of the geologic objectives. Other items which must be clarified are the type of seismic control patterns as well as the cost and time factors involved in processing the prospect.

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