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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 49 (1965)

Issue: 1. (January)

First Page: 119

Last Page: 120

Title: High-Lights of Exploration and Development in Colorado and Western Nebraska, 1962: ABSTRACT

Author(s): John W. Rold

Article Type: Meeting abstract


During 1962, 645 wells were drilled in western Nebraska, a 35 per cent decrease from the record year of 1961. The 381 exploratory wells resulted in 33 discoveries (success ratio of 8.7 per cent). Important developments in 1962 include the following: the expansion of the Cambridge arch productive area; the northward and northeastward spread of the search for Paleozoic oil into sparsely drilled north-central Nebraska; the rapid expansion

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of Lansing production at Silver Creek field; and a renewal of the search for Minnelusa oil in northwestern Nebraska. Oil production in Nebraska was 24,691,779 barrels, a 4 per cent increase from 1961.

During 1962, 810 wells were drilled in Colorado, representing a 19 per cent increase from 1961. The 449 exploratory wells produced 45 successes (exploratory success ratio 10.1 per cent). Important developments in 1962 include the following: a surge of exploratory and development drilling in Washington County; the increasing search for pre-Cretaceous objectives around the flanks of the Denver basin; and the continuing search for various stratigraphic and structural objectives in western Colorado. Oil production in Colorado totaled 42,345,559 barrels, a 4.9 per cent decrease from 1961.

Geophysical activity increased markedly around the fringes of the Denver basin but decreased enough on the Cambridge arch and in the Paradox basin to show a 12 per cent over-all decrease.

In 1963, exploratory activity is expected to taper off somewhat from its 1962 pace.

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