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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 49 (1965)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 339

Last Page: 339

Title: Distribution of Sediments in the World Ocean: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Maurice Ewing, John Ewing

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Sediment stratification and thickness have been measured by a seismic reflection profiler along many traverses in each of the oceans. Sediment thickness is less than 40 meters over a large fraction of the area but there are deposits, mostly level bedded and always adjacent to continents, in which it ranges up to 3 km. The sediments are generally completely undisturbed. The age and mechanism of transport of these sediments are discussed in the light of several tectonic theories. The facts mentioned argue for sediment transport along or near bottom by a process controlled mainly by gravity, and against continental drift.

The sediment fill-in of a number of deep sea trenches is described and its implication for mode and date of formation of the trenches is discussed. There is very little sediment in most of the trenches, and that present is usually in horizontally stratified deposits in rift-like depressions in the trenches. This fact is considered to indicate that most of the trenches are very young. All of these observations indicate that pelagic sedimentary process contribute very little to the totality of deep-sea deposits.

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