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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 49 (1965)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 1081

Last Page: 1082

Title: Geological Value of Previous HitDigitalNext Hit Previous HitProcessingNext Hit in Highly Explored Areas: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Kenneth E. Burg

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Effective and economic use of seismic methods in highly explored areas requires a different approach to the exploration problem than that used in less developed areas. In highly explored areas the subsurface structure and stratigraphy generally are well known and the exploration objective is the extension of known areas, search for new productive zones, or establishment of deeper production. Thus the seismic method must be capable of much greater resolution and accuracy, and ambiguities caused by multiple reflections and other signal-like events must be eliminated.

The Previous HitDigitalNext Hit Seismic Exploration System, consisting of digitally recording and Previous HitprocessingNext Hit of seismic data to achieve specific objectives, is uniquely applicable in highly explored areas. Effective utilization of the system requires a step-by-step approach to the exploration problem: (1) the exploration objective must be defined in seismic terms; (2) the ability of Previous HitdigitalNext Hit technology to solve the problem must be evaluated; (3) the exploration system, consisting of special Previous HitdigitalNext Hit data collection techniques and sophisticated data-reduction processes by Previous HitdigitalNext Hit computers, must be designed; and (4) close coordination of geologist and geophysicist is required to evaluate continuously the achievement of the exploration objective and to make necessary modifications in the system to achieve th objective in a better way.

The application of these principles to the solution of a

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stratigraphic trap problem by Previous HitdigitalNext Hit seismic technology is described in detail.

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