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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 49 (1965)

Issue: 10. (October)

First Page: 1753

Last Page: 1754

Title: Study of Ecology and Distribution of Recent Foraminifera in Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Kenneth J. Loep

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Eight different stations in the Gulf of Mexico from 3-3,300 ft. in depth were studied in detail in an attempt to group the foraminiferal assemblages found at each station into useful ecologic indicators. It was found that four ecologic provinces are present from the shore to the lower edge of the continental slope: (1) beach and nearshore environment; (2) continental shelf; (3) continental slope; and (4) a shallow, clear, warm-water, calcareous environment (found on Stetson Bank). These environments are controlled by a combination of chemical

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and physical factors, including depth of water, temperature, salinity, food supply, chemical effects, turbidity, biologic competition, currents, and circulation. The benthonic Foraminifera are the most reliable ecologic indicators, but a more detailed ecologic framework can be ascertained by the use of both benthonic and planktonic Foraminifera.

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