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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 49 (1965)

Issue: 10. (October)

First Page: 1763

Last Page: 1764

Title: Foraminferal Family Pseudoparrellidae Voloshinova: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Jere H. Lipps

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The family Pseudoparrellidae Voloshinova, 1952, commonly has not been recognized as a separate suprageneric category of the Foraminiferida. Previous family assignments of the genera now included in the Pseudoparrellidae have been based on incomplete or incorrect data. The family is now characterized by trochospiral or initially trochospiral test with monolamellid septa, radially-built, hyaline calcite walls and an aperture parallel to the margin of the test in the face of the last chamber. As redefined, the family includes six genera:

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Pseudoparrella Cushman and ten Dam, Epistominella Husezima and Maruhasi, Megastomella Faulkner, de Klasz, and Rerat, Stetsonia F. L. Parker, and two underscribed genera. Species of the Pseudoparrellidae occur in Oligocene? to Recent deposits. Although some genera and species have been reported from much older rocks, these reports are based on misidentifications. Pseudoparrellidae are known from all parts of the world: Pseudoparrella is cosmopolitan; Epistominella is known from the northern Pacific and Arctic Ocean areas; Megastomella is known from the Miocene of Africa and California; Stetsonia is reported from the Gulf of Mexico and Arctic Ocean; and the other genera are known from the eastern Pacific area. Recent species generally are found in relatively deep water on fine-grained s bstrates and extinct species apparently had similar ecologic requirements.

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