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Volume: 49 (1965)

Issue: 10. (October)

First Page: 1765

Last Page: 1765

Title: San Andreas Fault Cross-Sections--Interim Report on A.A.P.G. Committee for Cross-Sections (Sub-Committee for A.A.P.G. Committee for Study of Lateral Faulting in California): ABSTRACT

Author(s): Max B. Payne

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Committee for the Study of Lateral Faulting in California was established in June, 1961, by the executive committee of the Pacific Section of the A.A.P.G. with Richard F. Walters, chairman. Purposes of the Committee were: (1) to compile available data relative to lateral faulting in California, (2) to publicize results of such compilations, (3) to stimulate additional basic research of critical problems and areas, and (4) to sponsor field trips providing first-hand views of important areas.

At the first meeting in Los Angeles on October 2, 1961, specific responsibilities were accepted by individuals for the immediate objectives of the Committee: (1) to prepare an annotated bibliography covering lateral faulting in California, (2) to commence a survey of available material and interested contributors, (3) to concentrate on accumulating data relative to the San Andreas fault, and (4) to commence construction of a pair of matched cross-sections along the San Andreas fault.

The Committee will not publish or support direct interpretive positions on direction and amount of displacement, take sides on theories, or limit studies to faults which are only lateral in displacement--the Committee will remain strictly objective.

Four San Andreas fault cross-sections of a probable 14 are completed. Each cross-section shows the eastern and western sides of the fault in geographically opposite, intervals.

Volunteers are urged to help. There are many important faults for further study.

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