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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 51 (1967)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 1179

Last Page: 1184

Title: Heritage of the Petroleum Geologist

Author(s): Michel T. Halbouty (2)


The heritage left us by the early petroleum geologists has been ignored and practically forgotten. Those geologists should be remembered not only for their achievements, but also for having been well-rounded, true geologists who applied all facets of our science to their endeavors. Their methods and contributions should be "dusted off" and restudied, and once again used as guideposts for our future thinking. The intrepidity, firm persuasion, and complete dependence of these men on sheer intellect created the basic concepts which resulted in world-wide, successful petroleum exploration. In order to meet our exploration requirements of the future, the profession must develop more original ideas, and not be afraid to push those ideas forward into fruition. We must once again become true geologists--well-rounded and knowledgeable. It is only then that we can emulate successfully our predecessors, who as scientists and free-thinkers conquered their problems through their strong courage of conviction; it is only then that we shall have paid our debt to them for the inheritance which they left us and our debt to our profession--for the heritage that we build upon and leave for our successors.

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