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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 52 (1968)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 521

Last Page: 522

Title: Digital Simulation Models of Evaporite Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Louis I. Briggs, Darinka Zigic-Toshich

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The factors that control evaporite sedimentation include basin configuration and tectonics, basin-water circulation, supply and composition of brine, rainfall, and evaporation, and the periodic variation of each. There are basin-center, basin-margin, shelf, and nonmarine types. All have their own controlling factors with peculiar magnitudes and variations.

The evaporite sedimentation system thus had tectonic, physical, and chemical subsystems as its main components. Their dimensioned associations are the conceptual evaporite model. Tectonic, physical, and chemical components, their spatiotemporal gradients, and their dynamic interaction define the simulation model. It is four dimensional and Previous HittimeNext Hit Previous HitvariantTop.

Geology of evaporite deposits provides the setting, evaporite components, and facies to be simulated through the model. Experimental variation in spatio-temporal gradients of the controlling parameters explicitly defines the association of factors that produce the evaporite deposit, whose distribution patterns most clearly approximate those of the geologic system.

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The test of the experiment lies in how closely the two patterns coincide.

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