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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 53 (1969)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 251

Last Page: 260

Title: Heat Conductivity of Some Carbonate Rocks and Clayey Sandstones

Author(s): H. Zierfuss (2)


Present knowledge on the heat conductivity of porous carbonate materials is reviewed briefly and the promising empirical formula of Sugawara and Yoshizawa is chosen to serve as a yardstick in the discussion of results. The results pertain to heat conductivity values and the more regular petrophysical characteristics of about 1,000 Iranian samples of Tertiary and Jurassic ages. The conclusions are that: (1) Heat conductivity decreases as porosity increases, (2) dolomite is a better heat conductor than limestone of the same porosity, (3) anhydrite, if comprising more than 50 percent of the rock, causes extremely high heat conductivity values, and (4) no useful value of the empirical exponent of the formula of Sugawara and Yoshizawa can be given for all carbonates.

The heat conductivity values of several clayey sandstones from Indonesia and Venezuela compared with those of clean sandstones showed that (1) the heat conductivity of a clayey sandstone is appreciably lower than that of a clean sandstone of the same porosity, (2) correlations between heat conductivity and clay content are poor, and (3) the heat conductivity values of clayey sandstones can be related reasonably to the sum of porosity and clay content.

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