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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 54 (1970)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 554

Last Page: 555

Title: California Geologic Registration--Where Do You Fit?: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Wilferd W. Peak

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Geologists' Act, approved by the California State Legislature in 1968, regulates the practice of geology and establishes state-wide standards for geologists for the benefit of the safety, health, and property of the people of California. All existing and projected local certification boards and regulations will be phased out as the State legislation becomes effective in 1970.

To interpret and administer the new statute, the Act created the State Board of Registration for Geologists. This Board first met on April 30, 1969, and since then has received and is processing more than 3,000 applications

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for registration. Deadline for indicating interest in filing for registration was November 13, 1969, and closing date for submitting final completed application form is April 30, 1970. The date after which it will be unlawful to practice or offer to practice geology in California, except as specifically exempted in the Act, has been extended to June 30, 1970. This was done to enable the Board to complete registration of the unexpectedly large number of geologists who have applied.

Individuals missing the "grandfathering" period may still register without examination under certain provisions of the Act. They also may apply to take the next examination, for registration in geology and/or certification in engineering geology, at any time. This test will be given between August and October 1970.

Provisions of the Act require that the "specialty" of engineering geology be established and defined by the Board, and that qualified individuals be certified as engineering geologists upon proper application. Groups of geologists desiring to have similar "specialty" certifications established in other disciplines may bring their requests before the Board, which has the authority to regulate these into existence on the basis of public need.

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