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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 54 (1970)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 854

Last Page: 855

Title: Computer-Based Information Bank for Cretaceous Foraminifers from Western Interior Region, United States and Canada: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Harry C. Kent

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Micropaleontologists and stratigraphers are overwhelmed by the vast accumulation of literature dealing

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with taxonomy and occurrence of fossil foraminifers. About 30,000 species of foraminifers have been recognized and described in the literature, and the present rate of publication is approximately 1,000 papers/year. Not only is the volume of publication overwhelming, but also the entire field of foraminiferal study is changing dynamically as new data modify old conclusions and change taxonomic concepts.

The Western Interior Foraminiferal Project was established at Colorado School of Mines to compile selected data concerning Cretaceous foraminifers of the western interior region of the United States and Canada in order to provide an accessible information base on which future research may be built. Information relating to species described, synonyms, geographic occurrence, and stratigraphic occurrence has been abstracted from all papers published through 1968. A printed bibliography with annotations on species occurrence is planned. The abstracted data also have been compiled into an information bank which will be available for computer research workers. The compilation of such a data bank will not eliminate all of the problems of voluminous literature and changing concepts, but will id research by providing rapid and complete automated search of the literature.

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