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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 54 (1970)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 871

Last Page: 871

Title: Studies on Origin of Crude Oil: Statistical Analyses of Crude Oil Data: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Derek W. Spencer, C. B. Koons

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Multivariate statistical methods, including factor analysis and generalized analysis of variance and covariance, were used for interpretation of molecular and isotopic data obtained on 92 crude oils from the Western Canada basin. The data used in this study were obtained through gas-chromatographic and mass-spectrometric analyses of the oils.

Interpretations made through statistical analysis of the data are: (1) the 92 oils fall into natural groups that correspond to major variations in stratigraphy and geography; (2) a major part of the differences that exist among these groups is not due to regional temperature and pressure variations but rather to source differences; (3) all of the crudes are derived from an original primary petroleum which consists predominantly of high-ring naphthenes, high-ring aromatics, resins, and asphaltenes; and (4) more than 70% of the present variance in the oil data can be explained by low-temperature chemical reactions in the reservoir.

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