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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 56 (1972)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 607

Last Page: 607

Title: Isotope Geochemistry of Modern Arid Supratidal (Sabkha) Evaporite Environment, Abu Dhabi, Trucial Coast: ABSTRACT

Author(s): G. P. Butler, R. H. Krouse, R. Mitchell

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Considerable data exist on the isotopic composition of ancient sedimentary sulfates. Interpretation of these data has been hampered by the absence of a base line for comparison from a modern evaporite environment.

Isotopic analyses (258 total determinations) of pore brines [^dgrO18(H2O), ^dgrS34(SO4=)] and coexisting diagenetic gypsum and anhydrite [^dgrS34(SO4=)] in the Abu Dhabi sabkha indicate: (1) that the regional distribution of ^dgrO18 and ^dgrS34 in brines reflect the climatic regime and possible favorable fractionation of O18 into H2O of precipitated gypsum (^dgrO18); (2) that the source (marine versus continental) of fluid input into the sabkha is reflected in the brine ^dgrO18 and ^dgrS34 values; (3) that ^dgrS34 in diagenetic sulfate minerals reflects the favorable fractionation of S34 into the prec pitating sulfates from pore fluids and (4) ^dgrS34 values of anhydrites permit the identification of anhydrites formed under a marine versus continental-derived fluid regime.

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