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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 56 (1972)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1723

Last Page: 1748

Title: Petroleum Developments in North Africa in 1971

Author(s): Roland Michel (2)


The upward trend noted in the concession status in 1970 was reversed in 1971 and licensed areas in North Africa had decreased to 397,820,000 acres at year end, due to the massive relinquishments which took place in Algeria and Libya. They were offset partly by the award of 6 new permits of large size in Tunisia. Geophysical activity in 1971 remained practically at the same level as during the previous year. The downward trend in exploratory drilling already noted in 1970 continued last year, with 109 wells drilled versus 128 in 1970, but the success rate of 1971 rose to 19.3% versus 10.2% during the previous year. Development drilling in North Africa decreased by 50% in 1971, only 155 wells being completed in comparison with 311 in 1970. The decline was spectacular in Lib a with 46 wells drilled versus 199 in 1970. A slight increase, however, was noted in Algeria, where more than a half of the development wells were drilled last year. The success was the same as in 1970 (86.5%). The upward production trend reported last year was reversed in 1971, oil production declining to 1,417 million bbl (3,881,914 BOPD) versus 1,727 million bbl (4,730,638 BOPD) produced in 1970. On the basis of the fragmentary data available, gas production was estimated at approximately 2 BCFGD in 1971.

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