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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 56 (1972)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1901

Last Page: 1901

Title: Energy and the Environment: ABSTRACT

Author(s): G. E. Murray

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Man's conversion of natural resources to usable forms of energy has resulted in control and modification of segments of the landscape and environment; free movement over the earth, across the seas, and in the sky; and penetration of the "solid" earth, the oceans, and outer space. The search for energy resources has despoiled segments of the landscape and conversion of fossil fuels and atomic materials to energy has contributed to pollution of the atmosphere, waters, and rocks of the earth.

The exponential increase in energy requirements has brought the U.S. to the verge of a crisis not hitherto experienced by the nation. Factors contributing to the situation are (1) lack of a clearly defined, objective, realistic national energy policy; (2) restrictive, unrealistic price controls which inhibit or eliminate much of the financial incentive for exploration for new reserves; and (3) recently, vigorous opposition and actions designed to protect the environment.

The earth's landscape and environment have been transients throughout geologic history. Man has accelerated the natural transformation in many cases but decelerated it in others.

Man has used science, engineering, and technology to create, as well as to destroy. Realistic and enforceable regulations and laws should be enacted which will permit and encourage exploration and development of energy resources. The ensuing benefits would more than counterbalance the necessary modifications and redesign of the landscape and environment.

The national health and welfare--possibly even the nation's survival--are at stake!

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