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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 56 (1972)

Issue: 12. (December)

First Page: 2451

Last Page: 2455

Title: New Global Tectonics and "the New Geometry": GEOLOGICAL NOTE

Author(s): Andrew J. Mantura (2)


Within the scheme of the new global tectonics, each part of the globe is like a ballet dancer, and as in a ballet, each motion must be done in perfect concert. Thus, as one part of the globe is shifted, other parts must shift concurrently to keep the globe in balance.

As one examines the movements of individual plates, blocks, and continents, he encounters what apparently is a series of irreconcilable geometric contradictions. For example, Africa is said to have moved eastward away from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, while at the same time Africa was moving westward away from the Mid-Indian Ridge. As these two contradictory motions take place, Africa also is said to be rotating anti-clockwise and--with respect to Tethys on the north--allegedly is shifting first east, then west, and finally north. These (dis)concerted motions lead to a series of mutually exclusive geometric motions, which, if true, must comprise a new and undescribed branch of geometry. Until the advocates of the new global tectonics actually do explain the geometric contradictions, the re lity of the motions which they postulate cannot be believed, and the hypothesis of the new global tectonics must be laid to rest in eternal peace.

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